We provide all classes of property valuation services

At Nicisa Property Valuers, we provide an efficient service and competitive rates for all valuation work, and take into account many factors such as fair market value, property size, and overall property condition.

Valuations for

Current Market Value purposes

Capital Gains Tax

Stamp Duty Purposes

Retrospective / Back Dated Taxation

SMSF Superannuation Annual Year Audits

Deceased Estate & Probate

Related Party Transfers

Property Settlements

Family Law Court – Single Expert Witness

Divorce / De Facto Separations

Court Litigation

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Advice

Inspection for Progress Payments

Our Certified Practising Valuers will meet and work through the valuation with you in detail to ensure that you are well informed to make a prudent decision.

Meet with our Certified Practising Valuers.

Our team will support and service you through the entire property valuation process